End-of-service benefits are a cash amount; the private sector is entitled upon termination of their service if they are not covered by social security and do not have a separate pension plan. You can receive it from where you were employed.

This article will discuss the end-of-service benefits, including its conditions, application process, calculation method, and other details.


Conditions for receiving the end-of-service gratuity?

  • The worker should not have a retirement salary or any other salary.
  • The termination of service should not be the result of the worker committing a crime and a court ruling has been issued against them.
  • They must not have breached their duties.
  • The worker must not have impersonated a false identity or submitted false documents.
  • The worker should not have shown their incompetence during the probationary period.
  • The worker must not have submitted their resignation at the workplace, i.e. the termination of services must be issued by the workplace.


How to apply for end-of-service benefits?

You should apply through the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs / Retirement and Social Security Department for workers.

You can also apply electronically by clicking here, you will be asked for general information such as full name, phone number, ration card number, and other information.




How can I calculate the amount of bonus I will receive?

According to the Labor Law, the amount of the end-of-service benefits is equivalent to two weeks' wages for each year of service performed with the employer.

You can calculate it as follows:

 For example, if you receive 800,000 IQD per month, for each day you will be paid 32,000 IQD.

The equation is as follows:

32,000*10, which is the number of working days within two weeks, the total will be 320,000 IQD which is the total amount that the employee will receive for each year of service.


How long do I have to wait before I can apply for end-of-service benefits?

It is preferable to apply immediately after leaving work.


Are the heirs of the worker entitled to the remuneration?

The heirs of the worker are not entitled to the end-of-service benefits because they are entitled to the worker's pension.


Whom can I contact if I need additional information and complaints?


Mobile Number for Citizens' Inquiries and Complaints: 07723605928


Email Lsso_baghdadcenter@yahoo.com 


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