Mental health is an important part of public health and affects aspects of daily life, including:

  • Ability to cope with everyday stress.
  • Positive thinking
  • Handle social relationships correctly.

Factors affecting mental health include:

  • Daily stress
  • Difficult life events
  • Somatic diseases
  • Genetic factors 1.

How do I feel there is a psychological problem?

The symptoms of psychological problems are different from person to person according to the type and severity of the problem, as you can suffer from the appearance of one or more of the following symptoms:

  1. Isolation and avoiding dealing with others.
  2. Prolonged stress and anxiety.
  3. Inability to complete the required tasks or interruption of work.
  4. Difficulty facing and dealing with everyday problems.
  5. Mood changes suddenly between sadness and joy or isolation and activity repeatedly.
  6. Loss of ability to concentrate and make decisions.
  7. Frequently crying or screaming and anger at others.
  8. Prolonged sleep or inability to sleep.
  9. Feeling constantly stressed and exhausted.
  10. Eating disorders (too little or too much eating).


If I feel like I have a mental problem, where should I go?

Having a mental health problem does not mean that you suffer from a mental illness, however, if you feel anxious, depressed, stressed on an ongoing basis or have one of the above symptoms, you may need to seek help, You can find sources of support available in your area, such as psychiatric clinics or mental health centers, or remote support sources such as Arab therapy and Dr. Online and you can also contact local or international support organizations  for help. 1


The most common types of psychiatric conditions are:



What is the mechanism of psychotherapy?

 Psychotherapy varies from person to person, and depends on the nature of the psychological state and individual goals, It can take  a few weeks, several months or more; in the first sessions, the psychotherapist may ask you to talk about your medical, family and personal history, and may ask you to answer some personal questions.

How can I take care of my mental health?

Attention to mental health is not luxury, it is an important necessity, and you can protect yourself from most psychological problems by following these steps:

  1. Follow a healthy diet.
  2. Take supplements, such as vitamin D3 and omega-3 acids.
  3. Exercise regularly.
  4. Practice mindfulness meditation and yoga 
  5. Get social support from friends and family.
  6. Sleep enough times at night and take a break from time to time.
  7. Using writing to express feelings or practice any other hobby such as drawing, swimming, etc.
  8. Practicing religious rites, such as praying.


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