The Unified National Card


The national unified card is one of the official Iraqi documents. It is an identification identity granted to every person born to an Iraqi father and mother according to the Iraqi Civil Status Law No. 3 of 2016.

The national unified card serves as proof of an individual’s Iraqi identity and is a substitute for the Iraqi nationality certificate, civil status identity, and residence card. With the help of the unified card, an individual can access civil, legal, and humanitarian rights.



What are the procedures for obtaining a national unified card?

1. You must book an appointment on the website of the Directorate of Unified Card Affairs. You will be given an appointment date and time to go to the department. You must attend on the specified day; if you cannot attend on the specified date, you will have to register again and set another visit date. The scheduled date will often be within three months from the date of registration.



2. Fill out the online application form, providing all the personal details required and your phone number. Please, keep a copy of the electronic application and take it with you when you visit the department.



3. Go to the Unified Card Department on the scheduled date to complete the procedures for issuing the unified card. You will have to wait in line with other citizens who have a reservation at the same time of the day.

4. The Unified Card Directorate employee will provide you with the room number that you should go to. The concerned employee will enter your data into the system, verify it, and sign and stamp the electronic reservation sheet. The below picture provides an example of the signed and stamped reservation document:



5. You will be transferred by the Directorate employee to another employee inside the Directorate to register your fingerprints and take a document photo that will be placed on the unified national card.

6. Pay the fees (5,000 Iraqi Dinars per person) in the accounts department and receive the payment receipt from the competent employee.


7. Wait to determine the date of receipt of the national card from the Directorate. You will be provided with a letter explaining the details of the transaction (date of submission of the transaction, card details, date of receipt).


8. You should go to the Unified Card Department on the specified date to collect your unified card.


What are the procedures for issuing a unified card for newly married couples?


  1. Fill out the application form for the issuance of the unified national card. No electronic reservation is required. You can find the form in the reproduction offices. The price of the form may range between 1,000 and 5,000 Iraqi Dinars.

  2. Go to the National Card Directorate to obtain the officer’s approval to issue the card. Bring with you the following documents (original and photocopied):

  • Nationality card (for husband and wife original and copy).

  • Nationality certificate (for husband and wife original and copy).

  • Family residence card (the husband's father's residence card if he does not have a residence card).

  • Marriage contract.

  • Identity, birth statement, or birth certificate if they have a child.

  1. If the wife belongs to another (Civil Status Directorate) a (Registration Transfer Letter) must be requested. A decision will be made as to whether the wife will be transferred to the husband’s registration, the husband will be transferred to the wife’s registration, or the husband-and-wife registration will be transferred based on the housing card as shown below:

  • To transfer the wife’s record:

  • The letter (Transferring a wife’s Records) must be taken from the husband’s department of the Civil Directorate to the wife’s department to grant her a national number and transfer it to the husband’s department. The required documents will be: the marriage contract, the wife’s nationality, the husband’s nationality certificate, the wife’s father’s residence card, or the husband’s residence card.

  • In the case of transferring the husband’s registration to his wife’s department, or transferring both records according to the area of the residence card:

    • Security approvals must be obtained after reviewing the department to which they want to transfer their records.

    • Bring a transfer letter from the department to be transferred to, and take it to the husband's department for the purpose of transferring the husband's registration to his wife's department or to transfer them both to the Residence Card Department.

    • The required documents are the civil status identity, the nationality certificate of the husband and wife, the residence card of the husband or the father-in-law, and the marriage contract.

    • The price of the (Transfer of Records) book is 500 Iraqi Dinars.


  1. The (Request letter for transferring the registration of the husband or wife) is returned to the department of the civil status directorate to which the transfer is desired. For example, if the husband is registered in Baghdad and the wife is registered in Anbar. and the wife wants to transfer her registration to her husband’s file in Baghdad. she must take a (Request Letter) from the Baghdad Civil Status Department to the Anbar Civil Status Department. The approval of the request will be sent by the Anbar Civil Status Department to the Baghdad Civil Status Department. Here, the whole family (husband, wife, and children, if any) must be present to register fingerprints and take photos to be added to the national card.

  2. Go to the employee responsible for the security audit procedures.

  3. Then go to the accounts room to pay the fees for issuing the national card (5,000 Iraqi Dinars).

  4. Wait to determine the date of receipt of the national card by the Directorate. You will be provided with a letter explaining the details of the transaction (date of submission of the transaction, card details, date of receipt).



What is the validity period of the unified card?

The unified card is valid for 10 years from the date of its issuance and must be renewed after that.


Can I issue another national card if my card is lost?

Yes, you can issue another national card (lost/damaged replacement) by following the following steps:

  1. Go to the police station to report the loss of the national card.

  2. You will be referred to the investigation officer in the Court nearest to your place of residence.

  3. The officer will record your statements and mention the reason for the loss or damage of the card.

  4. You must bring another document proving your identity (such as a nationality certificate or civil status identity).

  5. You will be provided with a letter addressed to the Unified Card Directorate for a new national card to be issued.

  6. Go to the Unified Card Directorate. In this case, you do not need to make an electronic reservation, but you must follow the other steps mentioned above when going to the department.

  7. You must pay a fine of 25,000 Iraqi Dinars for the first time the card is issued, 50.000 Iraqi Dinars for the second time, and 100,000 Iraqi Dinars for the third time, in addition to the normal card issuance fees of 25,000 Iraqi Dinars.



What are the documents required to issue a national card?

  1. Civil status ID (original and copy).

  2. Iraqi nationality certificate (original and copy).

  3. Residence card (original and copy).

  4. Birth statement or birth certificate if you have children (original and copy).

  5. Marriage contract if you are married.


If I forget my reservation appointment, how can I inquire about it again?

You can inquire about your reservation appointment by entering the website of the Directorate of National Card Affairs.

To do that, you will need to enter the following information:

  1. Enter the name of the department that you have registered with.

  2. Enter the phone number that you used when you made the booking.

You will be provided with the date you booked in advance.


There may be situations in which you have completed all the processes but when going to the Directorate of the Unified Card you may find that the card has not yet been issued.

This happens sometimes due to the lack of sufficient resources to print the card. In such cases, you may check it at another date without the need for prior reservation.


What are the departments concerned with the unified national card reviews?

  1. Directorate of Civil Status.

  2. Intelligence Department.

  3. Directorate of Unified National Card Affairs.


Are there any geographic locations where the online reservation has not yet been rolled out?

Yes, they are the following:

  1. Adhamiya district - Baghdad governorate.

  2. Al-Jisr District - Baghdad Governorate.

  3. Zorbatiyah District - Wasit Governorate.

  4. Al-Shahimiya district - Wasit Governorate.

  5. Wasit District - Wasit Governorate.

  6. Sheikh Saad District - Wasit Governorate.

  7. Badra District - Kut Governorate.

  8. Jassan District - Wasit Governorate.

  9. Al-Zubaydia District - Wasit Governorate.

  10. District Circle - Wasit Governorate.

  11. Al-Bashaer Department - Wasit Governorate.

  12. Numaniyah District - Wasit Governorate.

  13. Ahrar Department - Wasit Governorate.

  14. Azizia District - Wasit Governorate.

  15. Fossil Department - Wasit Governorate.

  16. Al-Dabouni Circle - Wasit Governorate.

Are there other instructions regarding online booking?

  1. Online reservation is free and available to everyone without any financial fees.

  2. Reservation times are from 10:00 am until 12:00 am.

  3. You may choose the date of the review through the dates available for reservation only that appear when filling out the form.

  4. If you do not find availability for registration for the date you would like, an automatic date will be selected by the electronic reservation system.

  5. Enter the phone number in English and you must use the phone number you want to book only once. You can book through it again after 10 days from the date of the first reservation if you want to book with the same phone number for someone else.

  6. Online booking dates are not available on public holidays and curfew days.

  7. The electronic reservation will be canceled if the name or the phone number is written incorrectly three times in a row.

  8. Most of the national card departments with the electronic system work in the morning and evening hours. In the governorate of Mosul, the directorate receives visitors from 8 am to 2 pm on the east side of Mosul and from 04:00 pm until 11:00 pm on the west side of Mosul.

  9. Keep the date of your reservation and the reservation number assigned to you, as this will facilitate the process of entering the department to complete the registration process for obtaining the national card and to inquire about the reservation.

  10. If the citizen is late to appear on the day of the fingerprint for electronic reservation, the citizen will be fined an amount of 5,000 Iraqi Dinars.

How long does the process of issuing a national unified card take?

It may take up to six months due to the high number of appointments and visits at the Civil Status Directorate.


Whom can I contact if I need additional information?

You can contact the Complaints Department of the National Card Department - Ministry of Interior by calling the following number:


You can also inquire about the date of issuance of your card by providing them with the receipt number at the same number.

You can also contact us on the Facebook page or contact us on WhatsApp at 07518005244 for further information.


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