The Iraqi Passport is an official identity document issued by the Iraqi government to Iraqi citizens required during traveling across international borders. It includes information about the passport holder, including name, place, date of birth, photo, signature, and other relevant identifying information.

Types of Iraqi passports?

  1. Diplomatic: Issued to diplomats, diplomatic representatives, and some state employees.
  2. Special Passport: Issued to high-ranking people in the country and their assistants as an official way to ensure that they are exempt from visa requirements.
  3. Official or Service: Issued to state employees (or technical and administrative members) of a government, traveling for a specific assignment.
  4. Normal Passport: Which Are the passports that are issued to civilians.

What are the steps for issuing an Iraqi passport?

1. Go to any bank approved by the Central Bank to pay the passport issuance application fee (25,000 Iraqi dinars) and obtain a certified receipt from the bank.
Note:  Choose your bank wisely as some banks may charge higher fees than others.


2. Submit an application to obtain the passport, you can apply online through the official website (click here), or by visiting the Passport Department in your governorate and fill out the application form.

3. Obtain a serial number from the department’s employee, stamped as in the picture below.


4. Wait in the queue until your turn comes, then you give the competent employee your file, to which you must attach the following documents:

Documents required for adults (over the age of 18):

  • Passport application form (original documents)
  • Civil status ID or unified national card (original documents + copy).
  • Iraqi citizenship certificate (original documents + copy).
  • Residence card (original documents + copy).
  • Ration card (original documents + copy).
  • 2 passport-sized photos (with white background)
  • Passport fee receipt (details of the fees can be found below).

Documents required for Minors (under the age of 18):

  • Passport application form.
  • National ID (original documents + copy) for the minor.
  • Civil status ID + citizenship certificate (original documents + copy) for the minor.
  • Residence card (original documents + copy) for the minor's father.
  • The national ID of the father (original documents + copy).
  • Civil status ID + citizenship certificate (original documents + copy) for the minor's father.
  • 2 passport-size photos (with white background).
  • Passport fee receipt (details of the fees can be found below).

5. The competent employee will check the file and take the fingerprints (biometric information).

6. Take the file to obtain the director's approval.

7. take the date of receiving the passport.

8. obtain the passport, (within 3 - 9 days).


What is the cost of obtaining an Iraqi passport?

The fee for obtaining an Iraqi Passport is 25,000 Iraqi dinars for the first time, which must also be paid during the passport renewal process after its expiry date.

In case the Iraqi passport was damaged or lost, a fine of 250,000 Iraqi dinars must be paid in addition to the cost of obtaining the passport (25,000 Iraqi dinars).


How long is the passport valid?

The validity of the passport for people above the age of 14 is 8 years, while the validity of the passport for people under the age of 14 is 4 years.



  1. Procedures Manual in Baghdad.
  2. Iraqi Passport Law.
  3. Passport Law No. 32 of 2015 Article 8.

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