If you lose/damage your official documents like Unified National Card, Residence Card, or Passport, you will find it difficult to access services from various sources, most importantly from government sources.

This article will explain the replacement process for lost/damaged official documents.

How to replace a lost/damaged Unified National Card:

  1. Visit a nearby police station to report the loss/damage.
  2. Then, you will be referred to the investigation judge at the court nearest your residence.
  3. The Judge will record your statements and mention the reason for the loss or damage of the card.
  4. You must bring an alternative document that can prove your identity, such as an ID card or citizenship certificate, and preferably a copy of the lost card if available.
  5. Next, you will be provided with a letter addressed to the Unified National Card Directorate for a new national card to be issued.
  6. After that, visit the Unified Card Directorate (no electronic reservation required) and follow these steps:
    1. The employee there will provide you with the room number that you should go to.
    2. They will enter your data into the system and verify, sign and stamp the data.
    3. Then you will be directed to provide your fingerprints and photo.
    4. after that, pay the fees (5,000 Iraqi Dinars per person) in the accountant’s room and get the money receipt.
    5. Next, you will receive a date of issuing the national card from the Directorate with a letter explaining the details of the transaction (date of submission of the transaction, card details, and date of receipt).
    6. Then, you should go to the Unified Card Department on the specified date to collect your unified card
    7. You must pay a fine of 25,000 Iraqi Dinars for the first time lost, 50,000 Iraqi dinars for the second time, and 100,000 Iraqi dinars for the third time, in addition to the regular card issuance fees of 5,000 Iraqi dinars.


How to replace a lost/damaged Residence Card:

  1. Report the loss/damage to the nearby police station.
  2. Then, the request is referred to the investigative judge to take your statement. about how you lost the residence card.
  3. The judge approves the request and refers it to the Mukhtar of your residential area at the data entry/check room to verify the documents and make sure that there are no missing copies.
  4. After that, you will need to give the verified file to a committee office in the same building.
  5. Then you will be asked to come back after your file is processed at a specified date.
  6. After receiving a stamped letter from the Central Information office, you have to visit the information office of the police station in your residential area to obtain the new residence card.

Note: When you visit the Information Office at the police station in your residential area, bring the original and colored copies of all the available official documents for you and your family members.

  1. The photo provided by the head of the household will be used in the issued residence card.
  2. Then you will need to pay the official fees (estimated 2,500 Iraqi Dinars) to obtain the residence card on a specific day or hours later within the same day depending on the queue.


How to replace a lost/damaged passport:

  1. Report the loss/damage to the nearby police station.
  2. Then the request will be referred to the investigating judge to take your statements. about how, when, and where the passport was lost, then the judge will ratify the statement.
  3. Afterward, go to any bank approved by the Central Bank of Iraq to pay the passport issuance application fee (25,000 Iraqi dinars) and obtain a certified check.

Note: You should choose your bank wisely because some banks may charge higher fees than others.

  1. Then submit an online application to obtain a passport through the link here, or visit the Passport Department in your governorate and fill out an application form for getting a new passport. You will receive a serial number from the employee and keep it for future use.
  2. You will need to have the following documents ready:
  3. Unified Nationality Card or Iraqi ID and Nationality card
  4. Ration Card and Residence Card
  5. 4 personal pictures with white background for the passport
  6. The ratified statement by the judge
  7. The certified check
  8. The serial number of the application form

Note: for minors, you will need to attach the parent’s or caregiver’s IDs or unified card

  1. Next, You will wait in a queue, then you must give the competent employee your documents, who will review those and will ask for your fingerprints to be taken electronically )Biometrics(.
  2. Then the file will be approved by the Director of the Passports department.
  3. Finally, obtain an appointment to receive the passport within 3-9 working days.


The cost of issuing a new Iraqi passport:

The official Directorate fee for issuing a passport for the first time is 25,000 Iraqi dinars, which must also be paid to obtain a replacement for a damaged, lost, or expired passport.

A fine of 250,000 Iraqi dinars must be paid in case the Iraqi passport is lost or destroyed, in addition to the 25,000 Iraqi dinars cost of obtaining a new passport; The total will be in the range of 275,000 - 280,000 Iraqi dinars.


How to replace a lost/damaged Ration card:

  1. Visit the nearby ration card center.
  2. You must carry identification documents like civil status identity or the unified national identity card for all family members, a copy of the residence card, and a copy of the lost ration card (if available).
  3. Attach a special form with the file for replacing a lost/damaged ration card. You can find a photocopy shop nearby the ration center.
  4. A competent employee fills out the form in the ration card center.
  5. You need to pay a legal fee of up to 10,000 Iraqi dinars, after which the supply center completes the rest of the procedures.
  6. You will receive an appointment, estimated in several days, to obtain a voucher to replace a lost/damaged ration card from the ration card center.

Note: It is possible that the procedure will be completed on the same day and received after several hours, depending on the queue and the number of visitors at the supply center.


  1. This voucher will be the substitute for the lost ration card and can be used during all transactions and official procedures until the new ration card is issued by the Ministry of Trade (every two years according to the Ministry instructions)
  2. When you receive the voucher that contains:
  • The ration card number.
  • The name of the head of the household.
  • The list of names of all family members.

How can I replace the lost/damaged driver's license?

  1. Visit a nearby court and report the loss or damage.

  2. Bring an alternative document that proves your identity, such as an ID card, citizenship certificate, or Iraqi Unified Card. If you have a copy of your lost license, bring that too.

  3. The judge will approve your report and refer you to the investigation officer.

  4. Fill out the lost/damaged form with the help of the investigation officer. They will then refer you to the nearest police station.

  5. The officer at the police station will approve and stamp your form.

  6. Return to the court with your stamped form. They will send it to the Traffic Directorate by mail.

  7. After that, go to the Traffic Directorate and complete the renewal procedures, paying the damaged fee of 30,000 Iraqi dinars at the financial department.


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