Vehicle owners must register their vehicles with the General Traffic Directorate. You need to do this transection when buying a vehicle, moving to another governorate, or renewing your registration before it expires. You will need to keep your vehicle's registration certificate with you while driving. traffic checkpoints may ask to see it if you are stopped.


What are the required Documents to obtain a vehicle registration certificate?

Before going to General Traffic Directorate, you need to make sure that you have the following documents ready:

    1. the contract of buying the vehicle and the customs documentations that will be provided by the company.
    2. Iraqi Nationality Certificate or the Unified National (original and copy).
    3. If your vehicle is a truck type (Items carrier) provide a tax document from the General Commission of Taxes in your governorate.
    4. In case if the registered vehicle is a taxi you need to provide the following
      • To operate a taxi (4 people carrier), you must obtain a document from the transportation committee for taxis in your governorate.
      • If the vehicle is a taxi (more than 4 people carrier) you need to obtain the taxes and the transportation committee document.
    5. Then You need to fill the vehicle registration form in the General Traffic Directorate, and the officer will assist you in filling the form.
    6. Pay a fine for 4-cylinder vehicle (2,300,000 Iraqi Dinar) or 6-cylinder vehicle (3,300,000 Iraqi Dinar) at the financial office.
    7. Lastly, the General Directorate of Traffic will give you the vehicle registration certificate and a number plate for your vehicle and install it for you.


How to renew vehicle registration document?

  1. You need to visit the General traffic Directorate; the officer will provide you with the vehicle-registration renewal form and help you in filling it.
  2. You will need to provide the following documents:
    • Unified National Card or Civil Status ID
    • 4 personal photos
    • The old vehicle registration document (original copy only accepted).
    • a vehicle inspection report. If the report is expired, obtain a new one from the vehicle inspection center in the General traffic Directorate (it costs 5,000 Iraqi Dinar).
    • In the case of vehicles intended for commercial purposes, such as transport vehicles, the owner must submit the income tax clearance receipt from the Directorate of Taxes and State Property.
  3. Then, go to the electronic fines section to find out if there are any fines associated with your vehicle (Don’t forget to get a receipt after paying).
  4. Then, go to the fingerprint office to register the new owner fingerprint in the vehicle log.
  5. Afterward, go to the financial office to pay the fees required for the annual renewal of the vehicle.
    • Private vehicle cost 50,000 Iraqi Dinar for the renewal documentation + 30,000 Iraqi Dinar Fines for roads & bridges.
    • Taxi vehicle cost 60,000 Iraqi Dinar for the renewal documentation + 30,000 Iraqi Dinar Fines for roads & bridges.
  6. Go to the transaction counter to submit the file that contain all the documents and receipts you obtained for review and audit.
  7. The renewed vehicle registration document is only valid for up to five years, if you don’t renew your vehicle within a month you have to pay a fine 25,000 Iraqi Dinar + 10,000 Iraqi Dinar for each year.

Note: in the case of vehicles with new plate, you will receive the plate within a day. Vehicles with old plates, however, must wait at the license plate printing office to print the plate, which may take up to two weeks.


Dealing with a Lost or Damaged Vehicle Registration Document

  1. Report your missed/damaged document to the General traffic Directorate, the officer will refer your file to the judge.
  2. The judge will ask you to provide a ratification document from the General traffic Directorate.
  3. After the judge approve your file, visit the General traffic Directorate to request and pay for a new vehicle registration document (The fee is 30,000 Iraqi Dinar).



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