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Last updated: 1/17/2024


  • Norwegian refugee council (NRC)- is a non-profit international humanitarian organization working to providing a group of legal services.
  • NRC’s ICLA programe aims to help vulnerable displacement-affected people to exercise and claim rights vital for achieving durable solutions. It does through this provision of information, legal counselling and legal assistance, accompanied by capacity building and advocacy

-Group Information session                                  

Provide an awareness session on the different legal information that is required by the beneficiaries, such as civil ID, proof of birth.

-Legal Counselling                                     

Provide counselling for the beneficiaries who attend group information session, and they have the ability to solved their cases by themselves, 


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     A- ICLA’s primary target groups for legal assistance are displaced people, which in Iraq are primarily: Internally displaced persons (IDPs), IDP returnees, Iraqi refugee returnees and Syrian refugees.
B- Secondary target groups for legal assistance are vulnerable host community members, people at risk of internal displacement or those unable to flee because they are obstructed from doing so, or lack the means/ability to do so (remains).

-Legal Assistance 

Provide a legal representative (a lawyer) for the beneficiaries supporting those beneficiaries inside the courts and work on their cases such as (Civil ID, Marriage contract, Proof of lineage, PDS card, Compensation cases, ownership document) with an obligation to pay all case fees. 

* These services are available for All Citizens from Internally displaced people, Returnees and Host community in Ninawa Governorate,

* This project is ongoing until 31 Dec 2024.

* All services are free.

Note: The pin on the map does not necessarily represent the service location.


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