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Sorouh Foundation for Sustainable Development

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Last updated: 8/10/2023


* Sorouh Foundation for Sustainable Development is a local non-profit humanitarian organization that works on providing multipurpose cash assistance to support small projects in the community and for startup and restoration businesses, and supporting agriculture through these project inputs, also providing business management training and contacting market linkages between these projects and clients in the community.

* These services are available for All Citizens from Internally displaced persons, Returnees, and Host communities in Salah Al-Din Governorate- Balad district.

* This project is ongoing until the End of 2024.

* All services are free.

Opening Hours

-8:00 AM - -4:00 PM
-8:00 AM - -4:00 PM
-8:00 AM - -4:00 PM
-8:00 AM - -4:00 PM
-8:00 AM - -4:00 PM