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The Directorate of Family and Child Protection

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Last updated: 2/12/2024


* The Directorate of Family and Child Protection is one of the departments affiliated with the Iraqi Ministry of Interior. It was established in 2009 and works to provide its services to those who are victims of domestic violence, whether women, children, or males, and of all ages. It also provides seminars and activities to prevent domestic violence and protect members of society from it.

* These services are available to All citizens of the internally displaced, returnees, and refugees in Iraq.

* To communicate and report complaints, please call 139 for all phone networks in Iraq Zain - Asia Cell - Korek.

* All services are free. 

Opening Hours

-8:00 AM - -3:00 PM
-8:00 AM - -3:00 PM
-8:00 AM - -3:00 PM
-8:00 AM - -3:00 PM
-8:00 AM - -3:00 PM